26 et 27 Septembre 2015 à Marseille



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Opening Registration for Bosses 13 2012 : first trimester, 2012

Welcome to your Cyclo Bosses of 13 post-season


Dear friends,

The " Bosses du 13 "have become over the years an institution in the world of cycling. Each year thousands of you leaping across the various courses of the department is trying to " make time ", or simply to relax with friends and traveling the roads.
I am happy and proud that the General Council of Bouches du Rhone associated with this event and support the initiative of the Velo Club La Pomme Marseille . Thanks to the organizers, thousands of cyclists participating in this major sporting and festive .
The sports policy of the General Council of Bouches du Rhone is based partly on support for sports clubs of the department , and secondly on assistance to various events . Participate in sports department , promoting the practice for all is the heart of the concerns of the department .
This common values of respect, knowledge transfer and effort that unites the General Council of Bouches du Rhone and the Velo Club La Pomme Marseille.
For all this, I send you my warmest greetings and encouragement sports .

Responsable Sports

François Guillot

I dedicate this 16th edition , to my friend Francis DUVERGER hospitalized following a serious accident , initiator of the " BOSSES Marseillaise " in 1994 , with Jean Pierre CARMINATI , then event called "Les Bosses du 13" .
Today, thanks to our loyal partners, professionals , but especially to the hundreds of volunteers , our event "lighthouse " is a reference in France.
Every year , we ensured that match Cyclo , many other activities: walking in the creeks for accompanying a touring bike for all, cycling and hiking tours on Saturdays, which takes you to the famous Trail Crest .
You will find above all , the ingredients that made the success of Bosses : A leading security , genuine friendliness , all in an enchanting setting between sea and reliefs.
I invite you to come and participate in our celebration of cycling, and making the " BOSSES OF 13 "are still more beautiful,

Bien à vous.
The head of VCPM
François GUILLOT

Your gift 2012: Un Maillot aux couleurs des Bosses du 13

maillot 2012

Three cyclosport courses to choose

94 km
look 136 km
164 km

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